G13 1st grow attempt

Tried starting one of these with my Grape Ape grow but the seedling never grew leaves and after 2 weeks she fell so far behind I got rid of her.
These two are around a week old now (8 days) with the one showing some weird traits but at least it is leafing out.

Growing in Happy Frog. Will remain in their small cups for about 4 weeks then transplant in fabric pots with Happy Frog only. If it works don,t change it.

Good luck! Have fun with it!

2 weeks into the grow today. Both are alive so that is good.

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17 days today. Both are healthy looking now. The Grape Ape come down to make room for these 2.

21 days today. Noticed the one split into 2 mains. No help from me. Both are looking good.

24 days Both are looking good. Next week will be their transplant and begining of LST. No nutes straight water ph 6.0.

27 days old got their new homes prepared and placed them in with the cottage cheese cups until saturday.

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33 days today. Transplanted on Thursday. The one is showing pistols. These may be autos I am not sure. Assumed they were photos. Will have to carry on no matter what. My guess is they are autos which I would have never transplanted.

43 days today and both are looking healthy. Still unsure if they are autos or photos. The next couple weeks should tell.


Hope you have better luck than I did with G13…I bought some autos from ILGM a long while back and they were shit. I haven’t purchased any more seeds from that company.

Had a hard time getting past a tap root with these seeds but they are 3 yrs old and unsure of environmental conditions. They were given to me to see what I could do with them.

In fact I found another 5 pack of those seeds and I still pop one every now and again to see…in fact I am growing one rn. Yours already look way better than the genetics I had, I will post some pictures when I have time. Good luck and happy growing

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51 days today. I flipped the switch to 12/12. Time to see what they will do now.


56 days today. Both are doing good. 90 deg today in the closet. Was worried about cool weather but we are having a warm spell. Each are taking a 1/2 gallon a day now. Will start tiger bloom next week.

Ok so I screwed up with the light flip. 10 days they had 24 hrs of light before I realized I for got to switch the control back to timer. So actual light flip was 11/19. Here they are today at 62 days turning into nice looking plants.

67 days today. They are both stretching nice. Tiger bloom every other watering. 7 day at 12/12 lights.

75 days today. Added some top soil to both plants. Bud sites are developing good now. They have stretched good now.


78 days today and both are progressing nice. Each got a half gallon of water with Tiger Bloom.

80 days today. Around 12 days in flower now. Gonna be my longest grow so far.

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I have got shit seeds from herbies, old tga, ILGM, seedsman, Dj short, Rasta Jeff irie, blimburn, and even this site. But I have also got excellent ones from all these too. Not every seed of the millions sold each year can be “the best”.

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