Frozen Blueberry cheesecake

This frozen Blueberry cheesecake smells amazing. It’s a really sour citrus smell with sweet undertones. She getting the chop in about a week and 3 days

Accidentally broke part of a number off today, so I’ll let that dry and use it for my taste test!


Nice, never knew they had a strain like that, that’s going to be some kind of tasty their man, I’m going have to try that strain I’m a blueberry nut anything blueberry is awesome, good job man!!


It’s actually not available to the public yet. I’m testing this strain for apiary_genetics.

@Dabbindeebo, you have an extra ill try one out for them lol​:crazy_face::crazy_face:

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Damn, no I don’t. I popped all 3 that he sent me. If I had extra I would send you some though.:100:

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Gotcha man, I’d love something like that let me know how it’s tastes

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I most definitely will brother!

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“Accidentally” :smile: yeah sure LOL. Looks tasty!

They stole my idea though! Blue cheese x Wedding cake?

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Lmoa! I promise it was accidental… really didn’t mean to break that little nug off… :rofl:It’s Blueberry cheesecake x freezeland.

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This one here is black twizzlaz

They are getting the chop this weekend. They go into 48hrs dark friday.


Bro you gotta knock that shit off, making my mouth water :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:lol, nice are they autos??

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:rofl::rofl: lol no, regular photos.

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