Friend or foe? pest or predator?

I found this on my blueberry thismorning, not sure if it should stay or go?


8 legs…spider
looks like a crab spider but I am no entomologist
most spiders are GOOD…

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the name crab spider certainly fits, i will assume its good to keep around. thanks

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That’s a cool looking spider. I had a daddy long legs / harvestman on mine the other day while I was giving the girls a lollipop.

Had this little guy too. No idea what it is. Left him alone cause he didn’t seem to be doing anything.

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looked it up & found it, it can change color for camoflage & it eats other insects, but it is a crab spider… :+1:

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i have seen those bugs also, im not sure what it is…

Leaf hopper…Back in the 60’s, I used to call them LSD bugs…shows where my head was at back then…


@Mrb53004 :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: well maybe the spiders really were there???

The “spiders from mars”?

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