Fresh Flower Rosin/Purple Rosin and their medicinal benefits

Hey guys, I’m going to share a YouTube video here I made showing how to press fresh flower/purple rosin and discussing the medicinal benefits of having anthocyanins and chlorophyll in your rosin.

Happy growing guys. Stay medicated and stay lifted. :metal::call_me_hand::v:


I’m going to watch this just as soon as my phone cooperates. Are you on Twitter?

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@kmac03 no I don’t have a Twitter. Just a few forums, an IG, and YouTube. Did have a Facebook but it keeps getting taken down and I’m tired of fighting it. :joy:

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I’m completely off the book of Faces and don’t intend, as of now, to go back, they own Instagram, too, so I’ll stick with Twitter. Fits my ADD brain anyway. Like sending words into outer space :milky_way:.

Dude. Sorry. I forgot where I was. :v:

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