Freezing seeds to germinate

What is your take on this? long time grower from hawaii. been growing for over 40 years. I have been putting my seeds in the fridge for a couple days before taking them out letting them sit for 24-48 hours then germinating them in wet paper towels. My uncle in Kona taught me this a long time ago.Works great! .never had a bad seed! Tryed 2 of the seeds from this company and one germinated the other is on day 9 and still not showing anything, did it how the video said! I bought rhese seeds because i wantrd to know what i was growing. I will keep trying. Just wanted some feedback on my way of germinating, cause yours didnt work…

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They call that stratification. Most temperate fruit producing plant seeds need stratification to sprout in the spring. Simulates a winter cycle for seeds so they know to open when it warms. I don’t think you need to put any seeds in the freezer. If they are not completely dry first it can mess them up. I would just put them in the fridge if u want to stratify them since you are in Hawaii. If they are under 58 degrees (f) they will stratify. Its the same as “chill days” if you are growing peaches or blueberries. Under 58 degrees is all u need.

My fresh seeds just stratify in the cold corner of my garage in the winter. I hang the branches over paper bags and they usually just fall in as they get dry. 1 strain per paper bag.

Honestly I don’t think you need to stratify unless u plan long term storage on your own fresh seeds. I have had fresh seeds fall into the pots or garden right under growing mom and sprout. Volunteers sprouts as I like to say. Breeders have all ready done this and I bet for sure they are cold stored at the bank.

I am so jealous. Hawaii is my favorite place on earth. My family is from Pahoa on the big island. The volcano destroyed my family’s land under lava. Sad

What island are u on?
Sorry you said Kona. Missed that.

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Dwight is spot on. I pack my seeds in Azomite. It works as a desiccant to keep MOISTURE out and then long term storage in the fridge. The fridge stratifies the seeds to imitate what winter does to them in Mother Natures garden. The Azomite (when planted, just a pinch) promotes great root development. Sometimes I even put a spec in the coffee filters I use to germinate ( I use paper towel OUTSIDE the coffee filters. They are non-bleached organic and the tap roots NEVER get stuck in the fibers…also great for keeping proper moisture level). Minimum 3 days in the fridge… DO NOT FREEZE…You can freeze but there is a method, like hardening, to prepare the seeds for freezer temps.
HI big concerns are MOLD!!!keep that air flow going…

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