Freebie seed--?

Anyone have an idea what strain??
Sativa for sure,maybe hybrid…Hoping someone has grown something similar…IMG_26082021_101115IMG_26082021_101115_(8_x_10_inch) _(8_x_10_inch)|400x500

adding night photo for better comparison of some strain you might have grown…


I pulled a bud off 5 days ago…Smoked some for quality…I could have sworn I was major Tom to ground control…Really like this strain…I know one can’t say what strain this is…Just hoping someone can say a strain they grew that looked like this

I think I know what strain this is, but it kind of looks like another one I grew too. To be sure, you should send me a sample. :laughing:

I say you should name her - based on how she tastes or the experience you get from her.

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looks a little like Durban Poison…

Durban Poison look alike…Top of list for next order…

Looks little like power plant also Uploading: Screenshot_20210827-082822.png…


Thanks all, for the leads

Great plants, great pics. Got some unknown seeds myself that I’m growing(4). Seem to be autos though, suprized.:+1:

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