Frankenstein brew

The Alcemist in me just has to try…So what do ya’ll think about adding a 1/4 teaspoon of ammonia to My regular dosage of black strap molasses and a smidgen of SUPERthrive to a gallon of water ?? Plants are early in growth…3wk…Trying to pull some Magic…

AMMONIA - comes with strict rules…
I use it as a foliar spray, not in my soil…works like that but is much better on the leaves for INSTANT GRATIFICATION
Put about a shot glass full in a standard mist bottle. I learned many years ago for killing powdery mildew on sun leaves. (You will never go back to milk or baking soda for PM problems. I noticed all my plants looked 3 shades greener the same day. It foliar feeds them nitrogen ( NH4+ reduces to NO3-) and they absorb it incredibly great that way. Especially clones trying to sprout more roots. Try it on only 1plant if you don’t believe me.

Here is the rules though:

Never mist them with ammonia in the sun outside or under high discharge light indoors. Mornings or evenings where there is no direct sun. They will burn ( just like neem oil or horticultural soap or spinosad). I mist clones 2-3 times a day when needed under CLONE lights only. If you have strong lights on your clones, dim them, raise them more, or just do it before or after on cycle.
Make sure the leaves have dried before you mist them again the same day. I usually do 3 mists per day while needed.
Minimize or kill fans for a couple hours. Ammonia reduces to nitrate in solution slower than it evaporates off as a gas. It would rather become a gas then reduce to nitrate while on the leaves in solution. It will evaporate away too fast under strong air flow and not be effective.
Only use on vegetative plants. Once they stack calyxes in bloom you don’t want to get ammonia on the buds. They don’t want nitrogen blast while blooming. It can slow flowering times by then.
That said, ammonia misting works faster for nitrogen deficient big plants than root feedings. (I guess I should say in my opinion…) Yellow leaves anybody? Not anymore. Adding nitrogen (not ammonia) to the roots is still necessary for big veg plants or the plants will yellow again quickly


Thanks…I had a problem a week or two ago…You gave me the Ammonia trick on what looked like nitrogen deficiency…The foliar spray worked very well…I’d mixed up the concoction in a gallon jug…Leftovers.
I’d rather toss the liquid out than mess up another plant… Thanks again

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@Wildbill I hope your talking about ammonium nitrate and not under the counter ammonia hydroxide… I’m not a big fan of superthrive… it has a purpose though…:sunglasses:

BEST AMMONIA = The average urine from a healthy adult (MALE - females have too many hormones in thiers) will release 11g nitrogen/urea, 1g phosphorus/super-phosphate and 2.5g potassium. … Fresh human urine is sterile and so free from bacteria. Only when it is older than 24 hours, the urea turns into ammonia

Would it be the same “shot glass”
amount…Or am I just peeing in the wind…

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