Fox Farms Ocean Forest question

I’m trying to order some ocean forest soil and I was wondering what the difference is between the 14000, 14053, and 14079 types. I wanna get this right before I even start.

I don’t even know what those numbers are. Just get the normal one :point_down:

I started with ocean forest. I’ve left and tried out other brands, pro mixes… and I always go back to ocean forest. I do equal parts O.F. and :point_down:

I DO NOT add any nutes till week 4. Even then I use the nutes starting at 30% of the recommended. Then slowly move to 100% at about week 8. That mix isn’t super hot, but you can easily go over on nutes if you’re not careful. This is just what works for me. I’m not saying anyone has to do any of it. Oh yeah, I add some extra perlite too at the beginning, as FF likes to kinda clay up if it’s not airy.
Happy growing!:fire:

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I agree i have never heard of those numbers: its news to me and i have been buying the ocean forest for several years: those are some Good looking Buds you have there! Nice work! There are multiple ways to get it done, finding out what your comfortable with is a lot of the Fun :yin_yang::ballot_box_with_check::100::sunny::palm_tree:

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Just the Fox Farm model number for the different weight/size bags

Ya I called Fox Farms and they told me those were store sku numbers and they only make one kind of FFOF.

Lol, when you called you shoulda told them to quit putting stupid numbers on bags