Foop Organic Nutrients

Anyone in here use the FOOP products? I noticed is says to use reverse osmosis or deionized water. Is that for real? Wondering if I need to worry about beefing up my R/O game or if I can continue to use tap.

Photo of my latest grow at harvest. White Widow Auto Flower - yield was just under 4 ounces. (I know, terrible back lit picture)

Thank you all!!


That’s a pretty plant lots of fat tops. Nice work. I don’t know about Foop products. Sorry I can’t be of any help.

When I first read it I thought it said goop products. And I thought oh my gosh is Gwyneth Paltrow really going into a cannabis grow line. Does it smell like the candle?

Nope I just read it wrong.

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I bet you can get away with the deionized water from the grocery store that’s just been steamed off. I doubt it has to be truly R.O.

Also if your tapwater is pretty soft and low in minerals you’ll probably be OK. Just go light on the nutrients at first. The way you can tell is if your coffee pot clogs or shower doors get all fogged up with minerals. If that something that you have to worry about then your water in the tap probably won’t work for you.

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