Flushing question

I’ve used nutrients with every feeding (watering) while in veg and I used all advanced nutrients products I’m wondering if I should flush them once before switching lights to 12/12 in case of any kind of build ups I’m using Coco Coir sunshine#4 mixed with mother earth coco/perlite 70/30, I’m not sure if the ratio of the sunshine and mother earth, I was reading that coco can sometimes get salt build up being my first grow I try to learn all I can

Everyone usely waits til harvest to start the flush you will wash all nutes out that you need to finish with the flowering stage

Thank you much for that info the article I was reading was kinda confusing

I would say it depends on what the plants are telling you they need…if there is a festering problem, then waiting is more detrimental to the finish and flavor. However, if you flush and then replenish the grow medium with BOTH the nutrients and the needed bacteria to break down your nutrients into food and allow a few days for it to dry out, it should be fine.

P.S. most city water systems and private wells will naturally build up salts and chemical buildup due to their respective water softening processes. So, use epsom salts sparingly. If you don’t have a way to analyze your water and soil for dissolved solids then usually flushing between phases is preferable.

I haven’t used any epsom salt at all, I’m not sure if it makes a difference in three build ups but, I’ve only been using ro water since like week 3 and before that I used distilled they’ve never had any type of tap or well water I’m in the city and I don’t even drink my water out of the tap :joy: