Flushing Autoflowers

Hi! I have three lovely Mandarine Auto plants that I have been expecting to harvest for a few weeks now. I started flushing (apparently) a few weeks too early. I thought they were going to be ready in just a few more days (It’s been many years since I have grown so I lost some finesse). I’m now seeing the leaves get crispy, starting to dissolve, drying up a lot…the actual flower buds is still beautiful and growing, but the foliages is all taking a heavy toll. Is this simply due to the fact that I started flushing so early? If this is the case, should I go ahead and harvest now or let it just keep crisping? Trichomes are milky, no amber yet.

I appreciate any insight!

-Papa’s Flower Patch


@PapaJ The foliage will fizzle out as all the energy goes to the flowers. You can go from milky to amber in 2 days so watch carefully. You can post pics to be sure but if you are only feeding with water…It should be good. Start to let it dry out and prepare for 2 days of darkness before you cut them down. You can continue with molasses if you are using it


Unless you run into problems you flush out your autos 2 times, once when your plant has topped off ie stopped growing vertical and is in full flower ( i ave 50 days) this is to flush out any leftover veg food before you flip to bloom nutrients, again 10 days before you chop you flush out your bloom nutrients as it affects the taste and quality of your smoke.