Flowers on a bud

Good morning! I’m perplexed…(certainly not the first time LOL). My Bruce Banner is shooting off flowers from the bud? Bruce is 3 days short of 3 months old. She is an autoflower and I just harvested her sister a little over a week ago! I don’t see any amber colored trichromes on her yet so I’m not sure whether to harvest or not…

Her cola is 13” tall! :grinning:


@Kris this is foxtailing. It’s fairly common late in flower especially under high intensity light. It’s a stress response usually signaling that they’re trying to get pollinated before they die or that there’s too much heat and humidity.

Some cultivars are more prone to it than others. You can let it go and keep foxtailing and stacking more buds and it won’t harm anything. Just make sure you keep an eye on the main bud trichomes so you can harvest at peak ripeness and don’t use the foxtail trichomes.


Thank you so much! I’ve read about foxtailing but wasn’t sure that is what was happening. I’m thankful to learn that it isn’t harmful to the plant/bud. I will keep an eye on the correct trichomes…thanks again!


WOW, good looking buds! Are those from my seeds?
MDBuds is spot on. I have foxtails…you do not want to let the MAJORITY of the flower over-ripen…it will reduce the quality. Watch the trikes that are lower and deeper inside. If she is growing FAST, another couple of weeks will increase the bud size drastically. If they are slow growing, you can take her into pre harvest


Hi Mike!! Yes, that is from your seeds. I’ll attach another picture that is a bud from the sister of this plant.It was a nice, plump full bud…can’t wait for it to finish the curing process! …

The main cola is just a little over 13” tall on this plant that is still growing. I see the trichomes are getting milky…but no amber yet.

As you can see…there is NO lack of trichomes! :laughing:


that is going to be some kick a__ bud…good growing!


As I had mentioned before, now that I’ve met Bruce Banner…I think I’m in love LOL :grin:

we know what happens when you make bruce banner angry!! wow ! looks great…

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