Flowers in April?

Silver Haze, feminized seeds. Started in peat pellets in January. Planted in pots outside. Phoenix AZ. Miracle grow fertilizer weekly once transplanted.

Even thought the plants are not even a foot tall, they have flowered. Seems kind of early to me.

Will they continue to grow into the large bushy plants I expected or is this it?

How many hours of sunlight do you get a day? Is it less than 13. If so then that’s why they are in flower.

Will they get any bigger?

I’m having the same problem with a wedding cake feminized. I also started in January mine is about 3 feet tall. There almost 14 hours of daylight right now. I also put a porch light on it for a few hours after the sun goes down. I’m really hoping it grows out of it. I took a clone off of it a couple of weeks ago just as an insurance policy. Lol just in case it doesn’t pull out of it.

It should reveg.if the day’s are getting longer but it takes a couple months so don’t expect too much

The thing is a monster. I still have 3 solid months of hot long days so hopefully that will be enough time. Good thing is I have other plants to take care of while this girl figures out her direction. I topped all of the branches
where and she has responded beautifully.

Welcome! You can take a plant back to grow but The results sometimes are not all that much better. I did this by 24hour a day LED light and Nitro infusion. I did get a bigger plant that went into flower later, but overall not up to par with what I wanted. Yield was also compromised some. Your plants will grow during flower but if they are 12” tall, maybe 20” total.
If I had to do over, I would not. Quality suffered and quantity did not increase enough to justify the effort. Hopefully someone on this site will have had better success or have a secret that can help your yield and grow.

She is over 3 tall and the stalk is thicker than my thumb. So she is pretty good size. I’ve had a flood light on after the sun goes down for the last couple of weeks and also have foliar spray with some nitrogen and she is definitely coming out of it. They usually don’t go into flower until August up here. But I appreciate the feed back. I’m just this is the only girl going through this other are looking fantastic. My indoor is also super stacking and I’m very excited