Flowering bud leaves

Can someone tell me what’s going on, plant has been flowering over 12 weeks and is now growing oblong leaves at the tip of the flowering bud since white pistils are still growing and tricomes still mostly clear I’m hesitant to harvest.


Definitely following for information as well, that is a weird one. Is it a full outdoor? Or did any light schedule get messed up?

FOXTAILING…that is what it is called. Some plants will continue to grow at the end of the cycle as long as the nutrients, light and resources are available. The new growth has white pistils and the trikes are usually clear but when you have something like this going on, you harvest the buds that are mature. Sometimes instead of cutting down a plant, we just clip the mature buds and go to the dry process that way. Foxtailing is not desired but except for the trichomes reaching the milky/amber stage at different times. I do not know of it to reduce quality. I have grown and toked on foxtailed bud and found it not really different than the same gnus that did not foxtail.


I’ve topped the buds on some eliminating those leaves to see what happens, thinking buds might fatten up or are those leaves is what happens at the end of the life?

not at end of life but at foxtailing stage. Could be heat related, sunlight, nutrient feeding…a myriad of reasons why it went into foxtailing but it is not the end. They can continue growing for a long time
Years ago we used to forcve some plants to go beyond their regular cycle. Many times if forced seeding to happen and that was how we harvested seeds
Nutrients (P&K), coupled with the right temps and reduced amount of time in the light is what causes a plants hormones to induce the end of life stage so it can begin the reproductive cycle.

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Thanks mike, when you say you go to the drying process, do you include the Rest of the plant or do you wait for other buds to mature and do u leave the foxtails to grow?

Read your reply over again and I think I got my answers. Thanks again


…FOXTAIL EXAMPLE… I call this “Oscar the grouch” flipping us off…:sunglasses:


Yes, I clip the buds who have milky - milky to amber trikes and let the rest grow. The problem with foxtailing is that the plant continues to grow even though the lower / earlier buds have matured. Foxtailing is basically like buds growing on buds so the under buds (not like the underverse :rofl:) are mature. If you try to wait for the entire plant to be ready, your first buds have overmatured.

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So would u recommend clipping off the foxtail to focus on the primary bud?

If you look at my pictures (scroll up ) lt looks more like it’s re veggie than buding

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that is what foxtailing is - revegging after flower
No I I would not recommend clipping. Hormonally, the plant is not sure if it is coming or going. Get what you can get and focus your energy on new / alternate grows. This is why many kill off foxtails. If you got the time, space, just clip the buds as they ripen…almost like a perpetual supply…especially if you are into edibles / tinctures


Interesting, thanks for the info.

@rt447x did you have this plant indoors and take it outside a bit to early perhaps?, Or are you intentionally putting a flowering plant back into veg to monster crop it? LOOKS REVEG FOR SURE! To add on @MDBuds foxtailing is considered a phenomenon., Can be genetics esp. Sativas, could be light stress, potentially humidity. Usually a certain stressor(s) produces them…so its said…, yet it is a “PHENOMENON”…, as is “GRAVITY”, so maybe gravity plays a role…:sunglasses:

Looks like a reveg to me,that’s not foxtailing. If that’s outside this time of year it’s getting to long of light duration. Just my experienced opinion tho

Thanks all, lots of good information. She is now hanging up side down.