Flowering a clone

i was given a plant of unknown strain that is in a 5 gal bucket of co co. a cat had its way with the plant & it was shredded to just 2-3 leaves left & it was about 8’’ tall when i got it & it had already been topped 1 time, i was able to get it going again & now its thriving & i been trimming topping & lst , all is good, i cut 2 clones a couple weeks back & they are doing great, i noticed a weird little growth on a node of the parent plant that has me concerned, so i moved 1 of the clones to flower to make sure its female & maybe someone can guess the strain? should i just put it from 18 to 12 hrs of light? or if i do like 8 hours of light will it show flower sooner? if its def a female i would like to try to re-veg…? never tried that before… thanks…

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18hrs of light after it taps out some roots…I do not know the age of the mother but do not go from rooting to flowering…It does need at least 2/3 weeks of vegging
Re-Veg…Here is my
Bubba Kush

GranDaddy Purple
first time around they grew Christmas tree style. On the re-veg, the leaves first got gigantic, then the plants started to BUSH OUT.
They will get transplanted to the garden soon or I will tent them in 14L pails. Hard to FLIP if I put them out and not sure I want to wait till october


the clone has a nice root ball, i just transplanted it from a solo cup to a small pail.


parent plant


the unusual appendage on the parent plant was too small to get a pic with my old i phone 5, i saw it with a loupe & plucked it off with tweezers, maybe i should have let it get bigger? its the only one i could find on the plant, i guess if it was a pollen sack more will show up…

yes they will…if it was a male sac…let them grow out more, won’t hurt