Flower Timeflush for 2

Okay i am in flower… for 8 weeks… Do I add two weeks for flushing? or do I feed for 6 and then flush for 2?

Flush is only required if you grew with synthetic nutrients. If you use organics, no need to flush. We flush the last 2 weeks, then dry for 3/4 days and then 2 days dark, then CUT
You do this based on flowers / pistils / trikes…not age


@gdeadjoe I agree Mrb53004 . You need to learn to read your buds :wink: the color of your trichomes/globe tell you when. Microscope used with your phone would be very beneficial. How do you like your smoke? Is it recreational? It all depends how you like it. Milky globes, Amber or a little of both. It’s the individuals choice. Lots of info on this site with pictures too will help.