Flower problems

Replanting in flower does and don’ts when it has to be done

Welcome…could you please explain in a little more detail of what you are asking? Do you mean transplanting? When / how to flower, veg, re-veg??? What strain/s, photo or auto flower? What is the environment?

If you let soil dry out until container feels light. If you have a good solid root system and are in a container that can be eather cut off or shaped like a bucket were the root ball can be slid out intact it can be done with minimal stress.

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@Mrb53004 he seems to be asking about repotting/transplanting during flower.

@Jetzpak welcome to the forum. I personally would advise against a transplant or repotting during flower as it will stunt the growth of the buds and won’t yield as much.

The only exception being in my opinion is if it is root bound and already stunted and on the verge of possibly dying.


I appreciate the help and will follow all advice with an open mind and the best practices for my girls