Flower Finisher

I am trying the Nature’s Pride/Pride Lands dry system this year with weekly top dressings.
It is time to use the Flower Finisher and I am getting conflicting instructions:
The bag states it is for use in the final 4 weeks.
But a clip on the GreenGro site suggests using it at the beginning of flower cycle,
And hints it should be used with the Bloom…
The company has not answered emails and their phone is not in service.
Does any grower have experience with this product or other dry flower finisher?

I would use from the start of flowering up until the last couple weeks of flowering when I stop all fertilizer I don’t flush my planters the last weeks of flowering but do stop adding

Hey Jimbo, I just left you a :heart: for the bud rot post.
I never made the correlation to worm poop, but it makes perfect sense.
On this topic, I am new to using top dressing. Have you fed this way before?