Flipping my girls?

I have had my girls in complete dark for 12 hours a day and light 12 hours for 10 days and still don’t see any white pistils or feelers yet? Any suggestions?

Light leaks? Could they be autos? Do you see any sacks?

Give it time. By now you should notice the tops going a lighter green and some pistils in wk 3

Hey Jram, not autos for sure, I have no light leaks but this morning I finally saw some little white hairs forming. These are the same 3 girls I almost killed from wrong pH and not knowing much. So stoked I saved them. Only with help and assistance from you guys. Thanx a million bro!

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How old when you flipped? Generally a younger plant (30-45 day flips) are at the longer end of the spectrum as they still may want to veg and still need to sex.(and greater chance you herme it if you flip before it sexes) A 45-60 day flip I notice generally pop pistils quicker. But the range is 1-3 weeks. You should notice the flower spots start to stretch out quickly and within a few days you should see the pistils forming.

Photos at 56 days (days 11 flower) - When you start to see the flower spots start stretching through you should start seeing pistils appear… These were flipped at 45 days and pistils appeared between days 9 and 11.

Keep in mind I flowered mine at 13.5 hours with .5 hours being sunrise/sunset. I felt like I could flower this strain at 14 plus .5 hrs sunrise/sunset but 13.5 should do and get my autos a little extra light.

And the flower spots will start growing so quickly you’ll notice the lighter color in the new growth spots.

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Everything you said would happen did! Thank Youso much !