Flavored additives

I’m somewhat new to this. The way we did it in high-school wasn’t so demanding, I’ve see flavanoids that can be picked up through the roots. Is this good/bad or in your opinion a waste of time.tips on how you achieve your best yields, nutrients schedule and best seeds in your opinion for someone has experience but the knowledge is basically plant, trim flower and cure.

Thanks in advance.


@Casey_J those cannabis flavorings are just a gimmick. They charge an exorbitant amount for something you can do on your own to increase tepene levels.

First and foremost the flavor and terpene profile of a cannabis plant is controlled by genetics so you need to start with genetics capable of producing the desired smell and flavor you want.

Once you source your seeds and cultivars then you just grow as normal but create an environment conducive to terpene development.

Temps at around 70f, rh between 50% and 60% for veg 30% and 40% for flower. Drop rh to 30% or slightly under the last few weeks of flower and it will increase color and terpene profile too.

During the entire grow make sure you are keeping microbes healthy and that you have some good mychorrizal growth in the root zone. Using organic fertilizers will greatly increase terpenes.

When you get into flower after the 2nd week stop using nitrogen all together and use only pk nutrients. Phosphorus and potassium bring out more of the terps and increase your flower size and yield but nitrogen can stunt that.

Use training techniques like lst or kushman chiropractic.

Ligting is a big factor here too. Make sure you have plenty of light. Supplementing with uv-a and uv-b a few hours a day will greatly increase resin production and terpene profiles.

Let it sit in the dark before harvest and let it respire naturally. This not only breaks down the starches left in the plant it also increases resin and terpenes. When you hang the plant to dry after 48 hours darkness in the soil pull it out by the roots and hang the whole plant upside down. This will allow the plant to continue to respire and exude until it dies.

Keep it dark and cool as you dry. I aim for 50/50 myself. 50 degrees f at 50% rh. The slower the dry the better. It preserves the terpenes and prevents thc from degrading. It should take 7 to 14 days to dry enough to cure.

When you start cure after drying make sure you keep RH in the jar between 55% and 62%. If it drops under 50% add a boveda pack or a quarter sized piece of tortilla or orange peel. If it goes over 62% burp the jar and rotate the buds to let some air in and vent the humidity.

Keeping some moisture in your buds as they cure is key to preserving terpenes. It also makes them taste better imo. Definitely makes for some nice sticky buds when you’re done after cure.


Wow. I really have been in a hole. There are flavorings now? We humans are hysterical.


@kmac03 yeah they have flavor additives now but they don’t work as the plant can’t absorb sugars and the other things they put in those additives through the roots. The only ones that work are terpinator and purpinator but that’s because they use potassium sulfate and microflora to increase resin and terpene production the same way you can just by using more potassium in your nutrients and inoculating your soil with mychorrizae and bacterium.


It would be a lot more earth friendly just by following your direction, I would think.


I appreciate the advice, will definitely continuing my research and expanding my knowledge.