Five alive flower time

I transplanted five alive outside 11/25/22. it is now 30 inches tall and and is looking pretty good. I am trying to figure out when it will be ready to harvest. I live in arizona, but we are having an unusually cold winter. The fan leaves are turning purple.

Hey hello, welcome to the forum: a pic would help: have the pistols turned brown and receded? Tri-comb color?

I am 73 years old and can’t afford the cost of marijuana, which is legal here in Arizona. I can’t wait to enjoy some that doesn’t cost so much. Guess i am thinking back to the 60’s where it was $20 for an ounce!!! Of course it wasn’t as good.
I grew 3 of these from seed and used homegrown plant power up fertilizers. I used slightly smaller containers on the other two and they are quite smaller.

I am 67 Larry, the Larger the pot will allow for larger root mass: also provides more Soil and a more stable environment for the plant: you still have a ways to go as the hairs coming out the top of the buds are still yellow: (pistols)

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These are pictures as of today. Is the brown you are refering to?

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The pistols have receded on these pics, i know you have sight problem but from here you need to get a magnified pic to check the color of the tri combs. Why is she wet? Moisture can cause bud rot at this stage: let me tag in some help. @Bushdoc assist please

The purple color is desirable, you’re lucky! The easy way to tell if it’s ready is check the pistils, the little hairy filaments. If they are all beige, time to cut.

Or pluck a bud, dry it in a low oven, 200 degrees, and smoke it. It’ll taste harsh, but if it gets you high, you’re good.

Chasworks is correct about avoiding moisture at this stage. Water the roots, but keep the footage dry. I’d guess that in AZ, humidity is low, so rot is less likely. But keep the buds and leaves dry, that’s what they like

@Ldub hi mate. All of above advice is spot on. Another way to check is the tricomes. I use a jewellers loupe they are dirt cheap but even with 20/20 vision it’s difficult to see. About x50. Or any microscope / magnifier.
If they are translucent then too early. When all cloudy or when about 20% have turned Amber it time for the chop. More Amber more sedating. More clear/cloudy more cerebral.
Also indicas are more sedating than sativas as a rule. That wasn’t specified

Believe it or not, but we had a few hours of light rain here in arizona, so that is why the plant is wet. I try not to water leaves. Is it a good idea to cut the fan leaves off if it is just a little longer to harvest? I really appreciate the help i am receiving.

This five alive is now 18 weeks old from seed. The trichomes are still clear, but about half seem cloudy. I think i will harvest next week. I had one new plant turn out to be a male. It was outside with my other plants until i discovered it was a male. it was 8 weeks old before the little balls appeared. Could this plant polinate my other plants that are all well into budding stage and two that are also 8 weeks old?

Do you have a picture of the male?

I would check for seeds here, happy growing!

i cut down the male. At what stage can males polinate the females?

When the pollen sacs open on the male and the female plants have flowered some pistils.

how many weeks old would males need to be to open their pollen sacs. You can tell i am a beginner.

A couple/few days after beginning to flower.

I am worried that this could be a male. It has a couple of what does look like pollen sacs, but i thought males couldn’t get white hairs. I harvested my 5 alive and it is pretty good smoke! The buds weren’t big but it went through a cold winter outside. i have two bruce almighty feminized plants i want to transplant outside, but i want to be sure this isn’t a male.

She looks fine. I had one that self pollinated. The white pistils will prematurely turn brown and bud size may be stagnant. Don’t take my word for it tho.