First time grower should i and how do i Defoliate properly for first time growers photoperiod 3 week plant

I have an indoor spider farmer sf1000 led grow tent and im growing one gsc x jack herer photoperiod feminized and i didn’t germinate it. Its almost done growing its first set of leaves that have 5 in them. So i’ll top soon. I have a net set up that i want to stress test after i top but im asking today about how to do all that and how to defoliate and prune and clip the right parts of the plant etc? Please could use some help or link to the perfect up to date yotube video on the matter. But i’d still like to hear from some ppl considering i’ve never grown a plant in my life let alone a indoor marijuana plant.


Hi @GoldenGod If this is your first grow I would suggest start by just getting your plant to grow…then start to learn more advanced techniques…but if you want to go for it look at the videos on Home Grown about different pruning and training techniques. Pruning is an art in my opinion…start by taking the larger fan leaves off that block light to lower branches never trimming more than 30% at any one time then watch to see how she reacts before doing anymore. I like and use the ‘lollipop’ method of pruning.

Here are a couple links to watch


:v::laughing: i never had one scream or say it hurt @GoldenGod


How’s it been going @DollarBill haven’t talked with you in awhile beautiful plant i was wondering what strain that is you’ve been growing

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Meant to ask you @Adcrag what do i owe you for the package i thank you from the bottom of my heart my friend

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That’s beautiful my friend! Looks funky as hell!

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@Daddy1971 nothing much going, other than i’m growing all seeds this year. Mostly, Mochalope Regular over Gorilla Glue Regular then back to the Mochalope. (6 Tents)


Good deal i have pure power plant and some pure indica going

I talked to so many just haven’t had one with you in a while


@Daddy1971 beautiful bro :v: Plants Galore! great set up

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Thank you @DollarBill happy growing my friend

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Growing Photo Effect regulars are a bit of a challenge for a novice. I grew 2 auto crops before taking on a photo effect.
I would recommend starting with autos to learn the process without worrying about flipping and light cycles. Then move on to a feminized photo.
But that cow has left the barn. So, how did the grow go?

Thanks my first grow is currently drying looks amazing except for 1 thing. How did my plant the only one I started to grow so theres no chance of cross pollination come out with so many seeds? Stress? It was a photoperiod feminized gsc x Jack herrer seed from some no name company called I cleaned my spider farmer tent an started my 2nd grow ever but my first Auto GG4 Seeds from

If you can assure there was no pollen from a male plant anywhere in the area, i.e. apt. next door or plants outside your house or even other growers in your tent that may have had pollen on their clothes, I have to assume you create hermaphrodites.

This is strange and a first for me to see.

What is a spider farmer tent?

Spider farmer led tents look them up there these great led indoor grow tents. Yes theres some other plants upstairs not marijuana an I just dont see how pollen from another plant in my house got on my plant. My tent has a carbon air filter. I read that you can cause self pollination by stressing the plant out too much. But what? Off ph levels? Too many nutes? What? Noob grower I’ve studied alot though

There are people here that can answer this with more authority than myself. Hurtfully one will chime in.
Even feminized seeds are not guaranteed to be female. The process is supposed to return seeds with a high probability of being female. But males do appear. Your number may have come up.

@GoldenGod if it’s turns Hermie on you that’s what happened did you see sac or nanners

1 of my Bruce Almighty gurls had 1 cola get some mini nanners and actually gave me 4 seeds. 2 are 2 nodes tall in the room now, other 2 I gave to a buddy to grow. I’m just hoping they are both gurls. This grow I’ll be defoliating and lollipop them bitches more than I did my first grow.

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also added cinnamon sticks… seems the gnats dont like it just hope the gurls don’t mind them.