First time grower here

What did we do wrong? We aren’t sure whether this one is Candy Kush or Runtz, but we KNOW they’re feminized. I bought them November 2022 and put the seeds in the fridge when I got them because I read that it gives the seeds more of a chance. We planted this beauty August 11th, and germinated the week prior to planting. I haven’t seen even the slightest tiny bud leaving me to believe something happened. Please help me!

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Photo fem are triggered by light, also maturity of the plant: would need close to 12 hr darkness to go into flower :yin_yang:

Does that mean that it will never flower, or just that we missed the window this year but it will more than likely flower properly in the future? Also should have mentioned I’m in Virginia….

Welcome to the forum. If this is an outdoor grow it should have been started late May early June. Possible it will mature yet but don’t expect a big yield.

Get it on a 12/12 immediately, ( for ppl in same situation in the future ) be a small crop but might get 6 weeks of flowering in Virginia…Looks small enough to cover with plastic to leave longer, might get 2oz GL :sunglasses: