First time grower going great but one plant has issues

Hello all I am now 5 weeks into my first grow and absolutely loving this new hobby I have found.

I am growing x4 autos different strains in a 70x70x160 tent so is quite tight I think next time I will only grow 2 maybe 3 max until I can get another bigger tent.

Now one of the plants has had marble like markings since a seedling its drooping now quite badly and I cant work out how to help it bounce back. I’ve checked PH levels been giving it Calmag in the feed schedule cause it does look like deficiency, I did think it could be this mosaic virus or tobacco mosaic virus but it says its contagious between plants and some of the leaves are touching other plants and so far I have not seen it spreading to others.

Overwatering could be a possibility but I have been careful with this only watering when the top inch is totally dry I also have a meter for checking deeper in the soil. I usually only water once dry and the plant is drooping a bit. The other week I didn’t water them for about 5 days.

The other 3 plants are very healthy and going great so far the sick one is taller than the rest but has less growth overall.

If anyone has any ideas on what this could be please let me know, I have asked on other forums and come to conclusion that it could possibly just be a runt, the seed was a free bonus one so I am not too worried if any of them weren’t going to make it I would prefer this one.

I think I will remove it from the tent at the end of this week it will then live out the rest of its life under a separate grow light. This will also free up space in the tent as its getting a bit crowded and they haven’t even started flower yet.

Many thanks all!

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@Jdbrown is it just these big fan leaves or is it on all leaves?


@retiredoldguy thankyou for replying to my post.

It seems its not happening on the new growth although this is very small on the lower branches and the bit at the top. The new growth is very yellow leaves though. Also they did get a bit burnt by the light so this is higher up now.

Below is shown a picture of the plant as a seedling and first signs of this pattern on the leaves.

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This is a picture of the whole tent with the 4 plants as you can see the others look very healthy and have been fine the whole grow. This one has been different since it was a seedling.


@Jdbrown since it has been there from the beginning and no other plants have this look, I think we can rule out pests and other transmittable causes. now we are down to your soil and/or water nutrients as possible cause


Bring that plant to the front move other ones in back see how she reacts getting more air flow around them @Jdbrown



The soil is Bioblizz Allmix and I started feeding from the bioblizz schedule I have attached a photo below. Only things I don’t have is the Acti-Vera and Fish-mix the rest I have been using as shown on the schedule. I have also been checking ph levels and adjusting using bioblizz + - as needed. Also I have read about how important it is not to overwater so only water once the top inch is dry and the plant droops slightly I also have a meter to measure deeper in the soil. I also am maintaining a RH of 55% at the moment this was 70% from seedling stage and has slowly been lowered throughout the weeks.

That does sound like a good idea. I am probably going to remove it from the tent soon also and it will be on its own with a oscillating fan blowing over it so this will also allow much more airflow.


Do you guys think the plant will be okay without a tent and just a grow light and oscillating fan? Currently this is all set up in my shed but i have made a lot of effort to insulate the whole thing and there is a heater on a thermostat linked to the tent so it wont go less than 20 degrees Celsius in there. The tent does have an extraction fan to the outside so air isnt being recycled.


I think you move it it be just fine i suggest rotating them every day i help alot @Jdbrown


@Jdbrown sometimes the pre mixed soils are not the same from top to bottom in the bags and if you put straight from the bag to your pot that soil could be different from the others…not saying this is the issue but just troubleshooting out loud …it could just be how she looks…I don’t have a definite answer for you except just keep a close eye on her and as long as she is growing let her have the marble leaves if she wants them… :cowboy_hat_face:.


Thanks guys

I will try the rotation to help airflow. Although I have started to try LST them last night to keep the larger ones height down but I have realised there is not a lot of room to do this. This is also why I’m going more towards taking the sick one out I’m hoping this will increase yield on the other 3 plants.

And @retiredoldguy all the soil was new out the bag and I put into a container and had to add water and stir it a few times every day for like 48 hours if I’m remembering correctly. This is so all the nutrients already in the soil can activate before being put into the pot.


@retiredoldguy also forgot to say I didn’t mind the marble patterns and thought it was just cosmetic as it was growing healthy and actually grew a lot taller than the other 3 plants quite quick. Its just now I’m getting worried cause as you can see a lot of curling and drooping on the leaves. Also not as much growth compared to the others.

Again thankyou for the help I really appreciate it!


In what type and size of container did you germinate and sprout this sickly plant?
I am asking because it may be possible that the roots had gotten tangled and pinched and adversely affected nutrient uptake.

If all else fails and you come to the end of the road, I would recommend re-planting to inspect the condition of the roots. Good Luck to you, my brother in trichomes :-).

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Joshua you are going to have bigger problems down the road with too many plants for the space.

I would take 2 of them out of the tent. The smallest one and poor old sickie. Even with Autos you need enough room in your grow area. It looks like you are not getting enough light to your plants. What type, size light are you using. The plants look to be stretching up trying to get more light. I would lower your lights. If you get your setup right with correct amounts of light, food, water and air flow, and keep the pH, humidity, and temperatures correct you should not have to train your Autos. They grow for a preset amount time.

I think the problem with the leaves is just not enough light. The two you remove from the tent should be ok as long as they get the right amounts of everything listed above.

Overall they are really nice plants for your first time growing.