First time grow outdoors

I have a vegetable garden. 50’x20’. I’m gonna plant some ladies this year. How far apart should I plant? I inherited my parents house and I know all the neighbors. Neighbors wont be a problem.


Neighbors might not be a problem but they always talk. If the neighbors know sooner or later someone will know you dont want to.


That plants will be blocked by tomatoes. My cherry tomatoes get 13’ tall. And they’re all older. I talked to everyone and they know I smoke.


Do you live in a legal state? If so you can always put a dog out there or an electric fence any number of ways to keep it safe kind of. But if they want your grow they’re going to find a way in. Just be careful


forgetting about legality, how far apart you plant depends on strains. If you are growing Auto periods, you can put them 1.5-2 feet apart. If they are Photo period, you will get much more vegetative growth so you want a 5’ circle around the plant. That makes it a minimum of 2.5 - 3 feet apart. Indica’s will get bushier, so you want the 3’ distance, Sativa’s are lankier so 2.5’ id OK. I grow mine outside in a garden. I also gorw in containers, 10L and 13L. The 13L for Indica, 10L for Sativa and autos in the garden with my veg gy ta bles…4 syllables there, I have some I Tal E an in there. I have even gone as close as 1 ft apart for certain auto, especially those that are sativa dominant


@Mrb53004 thank you. How do I deal with the PH of rain water. I also was gonna mine my holes with FFOF. I know growing in a tent you have way more control. Any advice would help. Thanks.

Me and my niece both have medical cards and she lives with me. Allowed 5 plants per card. I’m not worried about ppl stealing them. I have a Ring in the front of my house and in the back.


And I’m gonna do photos outside and autos in a tent.


Do not concern yourself about when it rains for PH, only if you are collecting rainwater in a barrel. Soil has a marvelous way of correcting Ph all by itself. Rainwater is usually around 5.6 unless it is ACID RAIN. We have no control over that except to have a good soil (compost, groundcover, nutrients, tilling, crop rotations, etc.)


For outside grows. Do you still too and FIM? Or just let them go?

I Uber train outdoors for PHOTO plants, just minor stuff for the auto’s, like lst

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