First time grow first problems

I recently bought auto gsc for my first grow and I’m in early stage of veg (week 2) but running into some deficiencies early , I tried to do my best as possible as of researching but no luck … please help! I took some pictures below of each plant with problems

All 6 of my autos are starting to do this but this is the only one that looks like this

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Hi @Nathan5573!

Nice to meet you! I’m not an auto pro, for sure, my experience is/was photos, but your soil might be a little hot. What are you using and did you add anything?

PS: On hindsight, if it’s the only one, seems like she would just have a genetic variation that thinks the soil is too hot.

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@kmac03 thank you for the quick response and nice to meet you to sir. My ideal soil was going to be fox farm but It was impossible to find a store by me that sells it so I went an got new plants life plotting soil and used that. I checked ph of soil and it was 7.0 and I just been watering ro ph water till today I thought it might be a nitrogen problem so I mixed up 1.5 of cal mag , .5 micro , .5 grow , .5 bloom ph to 6.3 and fed a little of that to plants…

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You’re welcome! This is where I defer to others with more experience since the care of Autos is not at all my area, but I’m not sure I’d be using any additives at such an early stage. Perhaps @MDBuds , @Mrb53004 , @Adcrag can help from here?

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@Nathan5573 what are your temps and humidity? Substrate? Nutrients? Last feeding? Last watering?

What’s going on @MDBuds thanks for taking the time to help me out … temps are 70-80 , humidity 40-55 , substrate would be new plants life potting soil that I got from meijer , nutrients would be cal mag and hydroponics grow ,micro ,bloom , I’ve been feeding it ph ro water till yesterday i watered with 1.5 cal .5 micro .5 grow .5 bloom ph to 6.3 and fed a little of that to plants

@Nathan5573 alright so here’s the rundown. You’re feeding too much at a time for seedlings and your environment. 70-80f and 40-55 rh is in the red zone for vpd in seedling and early veg. Bring your rh up to around 65/70 with those temps and you can go back to normal feedings and waterings.

As for now though until you can dial in your vpd with temps and humidity feed less at a time more frequently. Water just a small amount daily. With higher temps and lower humidity the plant transpires more and takes in a lot of water from the root system which also means it takes in more nutrients than it can use and it causes nutrient burn and toxicities.

Are your measurements in ml per gallon? If so split the feeding into 2 separate feedings through the week until you dial in vpd. .75 calmag, .25 micro, .25 grow, and cut out the bloom for now until they are ready for flower unless they are autos in which case keep using the bloom as a pk booster and cut that in half to .25 as well.

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@Nathan5573 also, if you’re using hydro nutrients and you’re just using the soil as a neutral substrate bring your ph down a little too if you aren’t trying to do a living soil. 6.0 ph on the dot will work much better using hydroponics nutrients in soil as a substrate.

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How long should I keep that feed schedule for? And any recommendations on how to bring the soil ph down? It’s at 7.0 right now I’ll upload some pics of how they look now , 2 out of the 6 auto tips are starting to point up and the rest have discoloration on leaves

@Nathan5573 keep that schedule up until they recover or they show deficiencies. If they start showing deficiencies increase the feeding a bit.

To get ph down in soil if you’re just using it as a neutral substrate neem meal or neem cake fixes alkalinity issues and will bring ph down if you work it into the top soil. Just a little bit at a time. It has micros and nitrogen in it too so if you use it be careful when you feed.

Watering with tsp vinegar per gallon will usually help too.

There are other methods as well but I’ve personally never used soil as a substrate for hydro nutrients. If I do hand fed hydro I usually use coco coir.

@Nathan5573 gotta remember to handle the root cause too which at the moment is low rh for the growth stage. Work on getting your RH up to at least 60% which is around what they will need in veg and once they start to flower bring rh down to around 50% and then once they’re in mid to late flower bring rh down to around 40%.

As stated earlier your over feeding, no need to feed them anything just yet, there is not enough aeration in your soil, I’d correct that problem ASAP or it will continue to plague you roots need more oxygen then we think, I see other weeds are also included with their soil so bugs are also likely included and maybe already enjoying you roots, the humidity is to low,sure they will grow in dry conditions but they will not be all they could be, they are able to flourish when they can take in water thru leaves and roots VPD is not utilized enough by young growers. But in the short add perlite, stop feeding, lower temps by mechanical means, fan, inline fan, don’t over water Good growing

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That’s why your the Doc! :+1::seedling::fire: