First time doing this - help

I got diesel auto flower seeds from HG
Planted 5 in a hydro setup
Put 2 of the biggest outside
Not sure if they are male or female.

Maybe I can get some assistance ?
Sorry. Newbie questions.

I have more pics but only allowed 1 to start

Welcome @1st-timer !!! Give a good overview of your setup and fire away!! There is alot of knowledgable folks around for advise.

1 pic when I transplanted it to outside pots

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inside hydro setup

Yes it’s very basic. But it works for me.
And it’s fun on the kitchen counter. :roll_eyes:

Sorry just realized what you where asking… make or female?? Correct. Need a close in pic of the calyx area


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Welcome @1st-timer . You bought autoflower seeds from this site, they are female. From the strain description…“Our community then removed the male chromosomes to bring you the premium-grade Diesel autoflower feminized seeds you’ll find here.”
Happy growing!


Thank you !
I figured as much. But wasnt sure what the hell i was looking at.
Maybe they just aren’t mature - only 5 weeks old now

But thank you nonetheless

All autoflowers are female

Only the feminized ones. I have loads of auto regs.


That’s not correct, I too have loads of auto/regs

You learn something every day :wink:


I THINK this girl is ready …

Thoughts ?

Nope, you’ve got a few more weeks at least. Once all the white pistils have turned brown and curled back into the bud, start checking for trichomes with a jeweler’s loupe. They start out clear, then turn cloudy and finally amber. You harvest when they are 5-10% amber. More amber, more couchlock!
Good news is they will still double in size!

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Thank you for the info
I was getting excited. But now I’ll be even more excited