First time burping

So I have some strawberry cough finally harvested and now I’m dry curing my buds. How long will it take for me to smoke it? And how can I get it to be that hard bud instead of it being a bit too crispy?

Once it drys you can smoke in bow then the cureing starts every couple weeks try some more out see how it smokes and then you will know how much longer @Zman_79

I know it’s been a little over a month since and I still have them in jars but every jar I have I just add to the weed I originally had before growing. And just keep on smoking it till now

You should be good blaze some of that let use know what you think @Zman_79

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“And how can I get it to be that hard bud instead of it being a bit too crispy?”

I’m somewhat of a new grower but I’ll volunteer some unqualified input.
I think the hard bud/crispy was determined while growing.
My first crop was an outdoor crop. I did a lot of dumb things and the results were not the best. Out of nine plants, my yield was less than 3 oz.
I think I harvested them early. I was chomping at the bit and my own stash was running low. But, even if I waited, the quality was poor.
After dry out, I noticed the low density in the bud. They were crispy and dry. It takes a pretty hefty bowl to get high. But I learned a lot.
I have three autos with buds the size of pine cones which I’ll harvest this weekend. They are dense as bananas. If the smell is any indication of the quality, I won’t be disappointed. Once smokable, I’ll cook the old crop, along with this crop’s clippings for canna-butter.
I been a grower since I moved into the mountains last June. I have to room and the privacy. I just thought with all this land, I should do something for mankind. Bought some seeds and did everything wrong.
Be that as it may, this had been a great hobby. It consumes my time, challenges my perseverance, gives focus and structure to my day. I love it. I’m never bored. I can always sit at the tent and ponder. I’m also growing a Photo and I think I’ll stick with those. They’re supposed to be harder but I haven’t seen it. I spend a lot of time with my plants and I think that makes all the difference.
Happy Growing.


If you have been cureing and its dry you have dried to long sounds like let’s see pictures of the buds

Do you have alot of air flow around your grow people might disagree but i think that more fresh air harder buds i have some i just flipped i will show you what I do my friend and see if we can’t get you some hard as rocks

When you dry, dry until it gets crispy, then put it in the jars and over night the moisture in the stems will hydrate the buds to a perfect moisture then clean your bud put back in jars and burp on e a day for a month then toke it