First time Autoflower grower

First time grower. Was super excited when I saw my girls sprout 2 days ago, but this morning I came outside and my Gelato isn’t looking well. Any thoughts?

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What are you growing her in? As a seedling, I’d consider putting her in a smaller environment until a fourth set of leaves show up, under a grow light. Then planting her, but I’ve never grown outside so others will have to chime in that do.


She’s in a 5 gallon fabric pot. I’ve heard transplanting an auto will not give her enough time to recover so I put her in the final grow pot. My second plant sprouted about a day before and she’s looking great. I wonder if maybe I overwatered or maybe genetics?


The coloring of the base suggests a root problem. Possibly too much water as you said. If it was windy over night, it could have possibly been from that. I would not water further and wait for leaves to show any odd colors, suggesting sickness. I am also an intermediate grower so please take with a grain of salt! Good luck, my friend.


I didn’t realize it was an auto. :v:

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it is ok if plants fall over. As long as the stem is not injured, it will continue to grow. If you have some dry soil, sprinkle it on top to support the stem. Looks like way to much watering…If you are afraid of transplanting autos, start them in peat / coco pods / 3" or 5" containers and just place the whole container in the new pot


Germinate and put it in a 5 or 10 gallon pot. If your seedlings are falling over … Yes gentle on pushing Coco Choir up around the stem. But don’t water right away unless you need to. Pour slow around the seedling until it starts grabbing soil and water it at the stalk when it’s bigger. Just remember to remove the huge leaves so your bud’s can see light.
Sorry didn’t see your picture. It’s dieing. To much water can kill seedlings. Spray your seedlings until you get 2 of the pointy leaves come out that means there’s a root system starting so I don’t know what notes you’re using but you’re going to want to get your veg out and your root mixture out pH it and do a light feed on both of those don’t do it normal cuz you’re spraying it still and then you going to want to dump just a little bit around it not too much cuz you don’t want the whole medium to get wet it’ll rot and then I won’t have no won’t be worth anything it will be gross for the roots anyways pray the tops until you know it’s growing good got to keep air flow humidity low temps don’t go over 80 some say 85 and don’t go under 60 during veg after beds you’re going to go and take your humidity down to 50 maybe 40 and your temp is also going to lower the 70 75 and your pH levels will lower to 5 too 5.5 veg is 6 too 6.5

Here’s my Sour Kush Autoflower’s

This sucks. You can’t load a picture on here…?

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