First real grow and have some yellowing

This is my first real grow. I grew 3 sour diesel autos last summer, but I really didn’t know what I was doing. This time I have 11 of the same in a 4x8x8 grow tent.

These sprouted a month ago today. They seem to be doing ok all but this little gal. It has developed some yellow tint and a few spots on the top leaves. I don’t think it’s a nutrient issue. They are growing in a super soil I got from my local grow shop.

The temps were a little low for a week or two. I put a heat lamp in the top of the tent. Temps never got below freezing in the tent. Overnight they were in the low 40’s and got up to mid to high 50’s during the day. That lasted for about a week. Now low temps overnight in low to mid 50’s, and daytime highs in 70’s. Humidity varies in the 50’s. One day the humidity got to 90% before I turned my exhaust fan on.

I have two 600 watt led grow lights set to veg and a third I’m putting in today. I installed a carbon filter and 4” fan venting out.

I hope the yellowing is because the lights got too close to the top leaves. This one was just below the light. I think it got to be about 8” from the light. As soon as I noticed the yellowing I moved lights to about 12”-14” above plants.

My question is, are the yellow spots from light burn, and what do I need to do to keep it from progressing.


If water gets on the leaves when lights on it will burn like that make sure you don’t get them wet with lights on

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Didn’t even think of that. I was using a watering can and it was bulky. I know I got water on leaves. Just bought a pump sprayer with nozzle. Be using that from now on. Thank you.

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always water at lights off or better, just when the lights go on…Misting too…