First outside grow

What would be a good strain to grow outdoors in Northern Illinois. High THC.

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@DDDDave do you want an indica or sativa? At the very least you want something resistant to mold that responds well to temperature fluctuations. Even though the summers there are generally mild there’s a lot of humidity and random changes in weather and temperature fluctuations.

For an indica or indica dominant strain white widow is always a great go to. Resistant to mold issues and temperature fluctuations and can survive even harsh environments with a decent thc level.

Moby Dick would do decent for a sativa dominant strain but if discretion is necessary topping is a must because it gets huge. Some phenos (like the regulars I have) are also resistant to temperature fluctuations just like white widow because it’s one of the parent strains.

Most sativas would do well in humid environments just need to find ones that can survive or withstand a cold snap that you guys can get in the fall before harvest time.

What’s your preference on type of high though? Any colors or flavors you look for?


I’m a indica guy. I was thinking WW. Even GG#4. But I read GG can be picky.


@DDDDave yeah white widow would definitely be better in that environment vs the gg#4.

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Ditto . WW - a super easy grow with ALWAYS GOOD RESULTS. Funny, I bred some WW with GG4 and will see how it grows this season outside…Difference is, I live in the DRY HOT CLIMATE