First Grow-What Happened to these TD's

Got Tangerine Dream and Great White Shark seeds, 3 of each. The TD’s came up first, and all looked great, rated 1-3. My #1 was doing great, and then I lost it quick. The other 2 are doing OK at best, good and bushy, not growing tall. The TD’s were 9-11 days ahead of the GWS, and now they have surpassed the TD’s. Pics attached. Looks like nitrogen deficiency? I used an APF during veg, and then GH-Bloom APF is 12-4-8 and bloom is 5-15-12. Used 1/2 strength, increased the APF after seeing the condition. Have 2 left, but not getting taller. First Pic is the TD I lost, they other with the colas are the other 2, they are AF’s, the GWS are photo. All are Fem. GWS are doing OK, TD’s are hanging in, can I do anything with them? Should I cut them? Growing in mix of Ocean, Peat, worm castings. It is a 2x4 with LED’s (2) 600W. Have to upload one at a time…1st Grow TD prob

Didnt Upload in order so TD Prob and TD 1&2 are the Problems, The two GWS are the Great White Shark.

Thank You in advance!!


TD Problem

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Best teacher are mistakes if you keep an open mind.

Keep a journal for each plant, document your thoughts even if they are wild. Also dive deep in research cannabis plants can be very resistant.

So welcome and have a blast we are here for you :woozy_face::ok_hand:


First…TOO MUCH WATERING…Look at your leaves, they are drooping. Watering too often (can’t over water, just water too often) can result in symptoms that look like or will cause nutrient issues. It will not hurt to FLUSH with clear water, let them dry till they ASK for water. Make sure your fan is not too strong or too direct…windburn. Reduce nutes to 1/4 strength when they come back. I can see phosphorous issues, do you use cal/mag or molasses or kelp or fish fertilizer?
If you do not resolve the watering issue, you will not be able to resolve the nutrient issue…One step at a time


Welcome @eddenver! I agree with @Mrb53004. Definitely keep a journal to track what’s happening with each one. They are very resilient . Happy Growing😀

@eddenver just my 2 cents worth but (1) your plants dont look to bad. (2) Unless I am wrong GWS is supposed to be a lot bigger plant than TD to start with so that is not an issue. (3) If you would make a single comment then download the relevant picture it would be easier to fully understand your issues. (4) How long since you flipped to bloom? Did they all get flipped at the same time? Some of the plants look farther into bloom than others. (5) Have you checked for fungus gnats. If you have them trying to address watering issues might not be enough. You might be to far along on this grow to adress root damage but if your roots are not healthy anything you try adding to address deficiencies is going to have a hard time working. (6) After you harvest pull your plants and inspect your roots. If you have a good strong root ball sweet. If not you will know were to start next grow. (7) all that being said @Mrb53004 advice on watering sounds like the best place to start.

Also try trimming back some of the huge leaves to get more light down in there. It has always worked for me. When the get to be the same size or bigger it’s time for them to come off. It will open up for more bud sites. Those big fan leaves use alot energy that you want to be used on elsewhere on the plant. There is alot of good advice on this site. People are so friendly and helpful :pray::raised_hands:

Thank You very much, I appreciate the advice.

Thanks alot, I will check roots after done. Thanks Again.

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Thanks alot, appreciated

Thanks for the observation and advice, I was only watering at once a week, and pot being very light, weight wise, but I will cut back, and wait till very dry. Thanks

We are not saying you were watering to much just that from your pictures it appears you were. If you were watering just once a week and soil was lite I seriously doubt you were overwatering. Just me but I use 5 gallon buckets with several holes drilled in the bottom set in saucers. I check bucket weight look for droopy leaves and stick my finger 2 in deep in soil every day to check for moisture. If the soil feels cold that is the dampness in it and you do not need to water. All my thriving healthy plants get watered almost every day. If your soil is taking a week to dry out I would look at other issues like roots and humidity. I grew a couple CBD AC/DC and a Gelato that took serious nutrient burn as seedlings. My guess is the FF OF was to strong for them at that age. All 3 looked ready to die at 4 weeks old. I transplanted them to differint buckets with half unfertilized soil. All three looked to have no or very little roots. Soil was soaked even though i had barely watered them. Once transplanted the gelato took off and is doing great. The 2 cbd ac/dc however never recovered making short runtey plants with tons of small dark green curled leaves that feel almost brittle to the touch. I would have destroyed them buy now being as are a waste of space. But space I have plenty of so they still live. Anyway I only water them mabey once a week as there soil stayes wet.

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Thank You again, I appreciate the input.

It’s the genetics if you ask me. I have made several purchases from hgcc and all the seeds pop and grow we’ll until about third node or when it’s time to transplant. At that time is when I start seeing problems. Wilting stunted growth and just finicky for no reason

Thank You very much, i appreciate the support.