First grow premature flowering

So I just jumped in to it, after reading a bunch, and this is my first grow. Some of the plants I trained, some I am letting grow (mostly) untrained.
They seem healthy except the photos are flowering already, yikes!
It doesn’t matter why, at this point. But I don’t know if I should be feeding them as veg, or flower. I don’t know if I should pull them as a loss, or if they will give me a crop. Will the flowers go away?
Any thoughts? Also, I have pistils growing out of a leaf stalk. Wtf?

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@Stygie Flower nutes… you can put them back under a 18/6 light and try and reveg them I believe. They look good though?? Not sure what the issue is

Well it’s only June, but they are in flower. This is basically an outdoor grow, so no lights.
Will they keep flowering for months?

I’m not really up in outdoor growing I guess but I’d assume they’d flower about 8 to 10 weeks and be ready for harvest. Have you had alot of cloudy days? That might have thrown them into flower… Or maybe mis marked autoflower seeds??

Yes, lots of rain. They are def not auto, though I am growing a few of them, as well.
I want to thank you for putting your mind to this. You rock.

If they start to re veg… you’ll see wierd leaves start to grow in… like the leaves will not have ridges and will look deformed. They should pull through that stage eventually. You should post up some pics along the way?? Id love to see how they turn out.

Will do. It’s already a bit weird with pistils growing on a leaf stem! I will post pics as they develop.

p591 592 593 594 Photo plants still appear to be in flower. No weird leaves, and signs of new growth. This is a mix of photo and auto. Plant on the far right is auto almost ready.

Ok, update.
Idk what strain any of these are. They are from seeds mixed together from several sources. And, mercy, I am a first time grower, so don’t laugh.
The one in the white bucket should be ready in a week. The other more indica looking ones should be ready in 3 to 4 weeks, I think.
The sativas in maybe mid November?
I keep looking at trichromes for clues.1000000023 1000000024 1000000025 1000000026 1000000027 1000000028 1000000029

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The last one in the Grey bucket looks like 2-3 weeks.

The 6th pic is a clone of the sativa that is scrogged.

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U need to switch to a bloom booster

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Man your sativa won’t Finnish up until close to the end of October should be ripe by then

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Maybe even November. It’s gonna be a trick keeping them warm.

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But dang you will have some fire sativa tho

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Don’t just rely on trichome color to decide when you chop. Most all of the pistils on your flowers will turn red and crinkle up on themselves. When this happens, you’re in the harvest window and should definitely check trichomes then.

I’m a first time grower too but I’ve read this too many times to count…by very experienced growers. So don’t chop too soon. You may not get the potency your looking for.

The pistil color on your flowers should be the #1 indicator of harvest time. Then trichs. A lot of growers say no white pistils at all.

Here’s a couple charts I found.

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Roger, dodger, and thank you.