First grow need advice

So I just jumped in to it, after reading a bunch, and this is my first grow. Some of the plants I trained, some I am letting grow (mostly) untrained.
They seem healthy except the photos are flowering already, yikes!
It doesn’t matter why, at this point. But I don’t know if I should be feeding them as veg, or flower. I don’t know if I should pull them as a loss, or if they will give me a crop. Will the flowers go away?
Any thoughts? Also, I have pistils growing out of a leaf stalk. Wtf? Uploading: 20220427_120150.jpg…

Oh man I just can’t figure out the pics. Will keep trying.

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The plants are smarter than we are. Why not just let them flower and enjoy the result? It would be way better to do that than to pull and scrap them.


Don’t.pull.them.up.msn.let.them.Finnish.flowering. be worth it.

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