First grow. I think she's ready?!

Hello! I getting to the end of my first grow. One was a little slo takin off but I received some good advice from y’all and now she comin along.

Only one of my 3 Purple Haze Autos (I believe) is ready.
What do u think? (pic #3)
The other two arent thriving as much. Still feeding nutes to the two. Fox farm brand… Please advise.

Purple haze autoflower going into week 9. Using fox farm ocean forest in 3gl fabric pots.
Vivosun VS1000 Led grow light 24/7

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Do you see how jacked your plants look? Look at the leaves there yellowish and leaves are pointing up, a shure sighn of over feeding, flush out plant check ph and correct if nessasary let plants alone for a few days to recover, cut back on nutrients and do not feed everytime you water.

kinda harsh there…but thanks for the advice. I dont feed at every watering nor do I use the full amount of notes.

So flush all of them?


All i can say is in my humble opinion you overfed it, likley shocked it, the exact same thing happend to me and i do not bealive i said it was your first grow, all i can tell you i see with my eyes, here is a pic of some auto i think blueberry and i overfed bloom nutes as soon as i saw the leaves jacked up i knew i burned my tips, autoflowers are notoriously easy to burn as im shure you know and its not even that bad i have seen plants toasted.

or maybe im wrong!

Ok, thank you. How do you manage your plants when one is flowering and the others arent. They are all in one tent and I’m concerned about humidity/temps between the 2 stages.
I plan on getting another tent, but in the mean time…

I strongly disagree with @snoleperd76 assessment. I think your plant looks great, I love the purple fall colors you’ve got. I think you’re a week or two away, look for some amber trichomes to appear and a few more of the pistil hairs (60-70%) to turn orange.

It’s perfectly natural for the plant to start looking that way at that point in its life. Many people say if you have a lot of extra chlorophyll like Timothy, it will lead to a harsher smoke.