First grow and looking for advise

When would you start trimming! Not mine but a freind. But we both have xgsc

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This is my first grow here.
Xtreme girl scout cookie
Supers soil
1000 watt bp1000 led
2x2x4 trent
Co2 365 bag
In a sealed lung
Recommendations wanted please

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None at this point plant is growing fine if anything you could start some (LST) on that girl she is not bushy enough for trimming right now. Just my opinion.


My opinion…since this is a photo period, YES…I would top now and fim after she splits. GSC handles stress very well so you have a strong strain behind you. Your apical stem / bud is perfect for training right now. You could let her grow more but the fact that your tent is only 4’ high…you do not have much UP SPACE to go and you have to account for STRETCH after you FLIP. If you wait, she may get too tall to train properly and then you will struggle with how close to the light she grows…Better NOW than later.

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If it were mine i would leave it alone for now, you prune to get ur branches into the light or

better yet leaf tuck as some strains dont like pruning, if it is an autoflower when you have branches and it’s just stating to flower you can prune off a few sets of fans however depending on strain it may slow up your plant for a few, in flower i slowly defoliate to get optimal light penatration this is 3 bears bc it had good internodel spaceing i did not have to prune to much, this is ghost haze i did clip off a few sets of fans and it slowed it up a bit it is now 11 weeks and top part of plant can be harvested but the lower buds will still need another 10 days after i flush out bloom nutrients when it gets dry, so 3 bears did not mind pruning 1 bit but the ghost did, autos are funny that way, it looks like your off to a good start.

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Are you taking about the young plant in the tent or the original. The first pics asking about trimming is in a mini greenhouse with a 6’/7’ ceiling I believe

To help, it would have been better to know that first. When a tent size is called and issue is brought up, first tendency is to tie them together.
It still come down to a matter of opinion. I think pic (1488 - first set) is prime for topping / fimming
Second set of pics—to soon, they need to be like the first set. Are they both XGSC?..Either way, GSC heritage has no problem being trained…low and high stress

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Awsome I thank you very much for the info and advise. I will try to separate the two different grows in the future.

If it were mine i would.n it, you want to have branches and you prune to get branches into the light and you want to let it top off unless space is an issue? It looks good let it run

If it were mine i would let it run its cycle but in my opion is let it alone till you must prune it i just finished 3 bears you let them run, the only time i prune an auto is to get the branches into the light, u can leaf tuck but i kinda defoliate when it needs it, by the time there done i take off a bit usaley on indica dom plants with short internodel spaceing

one plant i gave to much nutrients, your plant looks good let it run its cycle try and lst that means gentley moveing the branches away from the fans or leaf tuck, but you want to let it alone for now it looks good and healthy and autos are touchy some dont like pruning but it’s your friends and im shure he wants to get the most out of it.

Yea that ghost haze is still going at day 80 some of the pistols are starting to turn