First grow, 3 weeks into flower brown / burnt-looking pistils

Hello everyone,

want to see what you guys think of my girls 3 weeks into flower. These pics were taken a few days ago so wasn’t quite 3 weeks there ^^

While pruning I noticed this funny growing branch, it grew really wide :smiley:

And here is one of my worries, on alot of my budsites, the pistils started shrinking up and turning brown, looking kind of burnt I guess, what could be the cause of this?

Want to use this post to thank everyone here for the huge help you have given me, my plants probably never would have gotten this far without yall! <3


They go beige as the flower matures. It’s one of the indicators that the plant is getting ready to harvest. All white, too early. Starting to go brown, too early. All toasty brown, could be ready, check other indicators, looking for beige trichomes.

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Ok than means it’s supposed to happen and nothing to worry about? Thought the light was too close or some kind of nute burn, thanks!