First auto flower g13

First auto flower grow with the G13 strain. Also have some diesel about ready to harvest.

Came out looking good but does anyone have tips on how to get that 1000g per plant outdoor


In my humble opinion the only way to get weight like that is to run photos. Most people here I think run the autos for an early turn around all season long. Anybody eyeballing a scale probably runs the photos…:eyes:

I agree, I’m just asking since the g13 says it will get 1000g outdoor and diesel will get 900g outdoor

Nice bud! :+1: I’ve seen a couple diesel auto grown outdoor. They stayed in veg over 2 months. They’re in 10 gallon fabric pots since day 1.

I’m planning to run that one early summer next year and I’m gonna train it like a photo.

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It depends on: Container size, amount of daylight and soil condition. To stretch the growing time of an auto, you have to manipulate it. Check out @Kronic who had an auto in a growing state for over 200 days. I also extended a GSC an additional 45 days by transplanting…started in a 1 gal, moved to 3, then 5 gal. Each transplant extended the growth stage by affecting the hormones that discover root zone / root space availability.

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That really is a beautiful bud.

I just grew 3 g13 autos. 2 outside for a month then inside because of 2 much rain. The biggest one netted me a tad over 6 ozs. The other 2 5.8 ozs total. Real good yield for autos. I have no idea how to get 1000 grams from one. But I will be growing more. It is pretty. Love the aroma and the buzz is amazing. It looks good to me. Grow well

In doing the math…that is a little over 2LBS from an AUTO…I been growing for 50 yrs, managed and mastered my 3k sq ft grow, hydro, dwc, everything imaginable and with photo’s, the largest yields were around 1.5lb per plant from GG4, Blueberry…Do not reach for the impossible, you will always be disappointed. Outdoors, pristine…I would not expect much more than half a pound and be tickled pink to harvest that much from an auto. Indoors you can force grow them larger than outdoor with direct feeding and nutrient concentrations but the taste and quality is NEVER THE SAME

Yeah I know that’s a lot to ask for it an auto for sure. Did mine in a 25 gallon pot. Seedlings started at the end of may and just ready for harvest now. I just like shooting for the max I can for fun. Since the description says 1000g under the seed I just want to see if I can somehow make it happen

The breeders aren’t doing it for fun or in free time. They have paid staff that baby the plants in the way a home grower never could. Eventually we have to go to the store, work, or use the bathroom. We cannot be 100% focused on our plants, even those of us who try to be. :blush:

I like to use the Home Aquarium VS The public aquarium example for this one it’s a great analogy.

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well keep us posted…inquiring minds want to see

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I’m :binoculars: too. That would be a fun contest. I’m kinda looking at it like a challenge - see how close I can get.

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I got two that are in seedling now and I’m going to go against everything people say to do with an auto. High stress training and even try to super crop them and bend her all up and see if the knuckles show up without stressing to much.
I have two others that are about 4 feet tall and about 4.5 weeks old and I fimmed one and leaving the other as is. The one I fimmed is already showing more life then the one I left alone. I’m gona try to remember to post here once a week for each stage