First Auto: 4x3 Spider farmer SF4000

I have three outdoor photo grows done now. Each better than the last. I’m venturing into the tent grow now, and plan on growing Autos. I have good equipment and an overall plan. Just wanted to gut check it all with some experienced growers who may provide some valuable insight.

My setup:
4x3 tent
Spider Farmer SF4000 450w LED
AC Infinity 6" fan & carbon filter
6" pole fan to move air inside tent

My seeds & nutes:
White Widow auto
Northern Lights auto
Lavender Kush auto
Lucid Dream Kush auto
Ayahuasca Purple auto
Fortune Cookies auto

Coco coir with perlite.
Amended with Sustane organic slow release nutes (8-2-4 & 4-6-4), and worm castings.

My plan is to amend the coco with 8-2-4 AND the 4-6-4 from the start, and top dress with 4-6-4 a couple of times through. Worm castings added at all stages of top dressing and starter medium. I will defoliate lower 3rd and LST the rest. Feeding with compost tea after each defoliation.

I am going to try and get five autos in the space each in 5gal smart pots.

With this plan in place, do any of you feel I a doing it wrong? Too many plants?
I’d be ecstatic to get 2oz per plant.

Thanks in advance!

If you top dress with straight castings on top of the coco, it can create sort of a hydrophobic top layer. Not a big deal but it can make watering take longer. I’d go ahead and mix them with some more coco when top dressing to avoid that.

That’s my tip. Everything else sounds good to me. :ok_hand:

Happy growing!

PS - watering plans?

you did not state the brand of coir so please make sure you do a ph test. Coco is sometimes not washed very well and the ph is off. test a cup full before you make your containers. Do not forget there is no calcium / magnesium in coco or peat so cal/mag is a definite needed

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