First attempt at DWC Hydroponics and decided that Pineapple Auto will be my test

I have been growing for a bit now not long just a bit, first started using 5-gallon cloth buckets, soil tents, and 600w LEDs, l did that for two harvests got some really nice herb, Blueberry x Jack Herrer, Gorilla Glue, and Gelato. Then I decided to give Hydroponics a try and this will be my first harvest using DWC 8 5 gallon buckets changed lights to 2000w LEDs and still having to use 3 of the old 600w LEDs because of the growth. But here is the results I have 8 plants going the largest is 140cm tall from the top of the 5-gallon bucket the others and quickly catching up so this harvest should be really nice but if this is normal I am looking at another remodel for my newly remolded grow room lol

I had more to show but only allowed one picture for new posters


so will put them in replies :yum:


Here are the babies!


@MtBud Welcome to the forum. Looks good man. Hope your hydro grow works out for you.

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What are you growing?

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Welcome to the forum @MtBud

You’ve got some lush greenery going on there!

Looks great :+1::v:

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Pineapple Auto’s that I got from Homegrown


That is a monster good sir. Wow :beers::sunglasses:

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Pretty fun and exciting stuff, Huh? Great looking grow.

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Wow that looks tasty good luck

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Beautiful I to want to try it out

Amazing sir. Beautiful plants.

The harvest of the large one ended up being over 6 feet tall and took almost 10 hours (With Breaks) to wet trim. I still have several plants to go along with 3 clones and I will tell you this my next crop I will be using an RDWC system! because this big boy spent way too much time on that cold floor draining and testing.