Finally got the hydo system set up

Got my 5×5 almost finished. The reservoir and feed is complete. Waiting on the condensation pump to arrive and I will have the system complete. Right now I’m just watering enough to get maybe 10% run off and emptying the waste by hand.

These are all auto flowers, lemon haze, blueberry×bigdevil, skywalker×watermelon. The 3 in the center are clones in the room temporarily.


Pretty girls look healthey to me. Grow well

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About 10 days later.


Wow, just wow Rye…great job. Are you using a dwc?

No. Pure coco, top feed hydro nutes. Feed 2 to 3 times a day, as needed by weight. More now that they are in full flower. The key is the dry back time. Once all your other environmental factors are in place (temp,humidity,VPD,Co2,etc) you can really push the plants with the feed. My Ro/Di water starts at .12 EC, I add CAL/SI/MAG to 350-400 EC, then the nutrients as directed by manufacturers. For me, at this stage, is 1.8 total EC. I flood to the point of 10% run off or less.

Temp is 82 (leaf temp is 77)
50% humidity right now, dropping it every week, for a VPD of 1 37 and rising.
My Co2 runs about 1200ppm daylight.
Lights are 2 HLG 320H fixtures on 19/5 schedule.

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I really want to see what the returns wind up being. My old hydro setup was almost the same. I had cali lighworks 880’ with uv switches. I got over a lb in 4x4 with rockwool substrate and clay pebbles…4 to 6 plants…favorites were gg4, skywalker and blueberry. GG4 was largest producer. I usually got close to 1.5 lb out of each 4x4…I had 8 per room x 2 rooms, a smaller room with 3 of the 4x4, a clone room (3 mothers, 60 clones) and a dry cure room. The most difficult thing was keep the Ph steady and tds values… all that runoff- - all that reservoir storing…checking the nutes, ,this is where I burnt out…

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Well I “built” this system off the shelf. Poly tubing, compression fittings, etc. The only brand name thing I bought was the pots and nutes (both floraflex). So my investment was CHEAP AS FUCK. Maybe 50$ not counting nutes.


Did you keep the clones in there? Or just the autos?

The clones will stay in there till the greenhouse has room for them. Which will be this week after I plant out all the veggies I have in the green house right now