Final grow before summer

Hey guys,

So I’m down to my last lady of my season, at least before summer hits. She is currently at day 50 and is another White Widow Auto. I just wanted to upload a pic and see what you guys think and if you have any suggestions for me. I’ve harvested 3 plants so far, failing to break 2oz on a single plant. My yields did increase with each harvest so I’m hoping this little lady is going to set the mark for all future endeavors.



Oh Lucy, you got sum defoliating to do…

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Mike I was really wanting to but everything I’ve read says don’t cut any leaves…ever. I feel if I trim it up the other buds will get light and grow. Sound about right?

@Topher85 you can prune autos but I personally don’t defoliate them myself. I’ve found I get better yields with maybe an early top and fim then I leave it be until it starts to flower. At that point I prune off sucker branches and lower foliage and then pretty much don’t touch it until it’s ready to harvest unless there’s an issue.

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Alright guys, I did some defoliating and we are at day 59. She has definitely taken her time but so far my previous mistakes have taught me to chill out and let her do her thing. I have some light nute burn so I’m backing off those and switching to organic molasses. Let me know what you guys think.


Definitely coming down the homestretch and looking good. We usually face some nute burn at this point when we try to PUSH the plant. We want the most trichome development and THC/CBD production and extra nutes help the development so a little burn is a usual thing for most experienced growers. Just remember, if you are feeding synthetics, leave time for a good flush to sweeten the crop.

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Wow,Pretty buds,Nice grow,bro

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