FFOF + Pearlite + Vermiculite

Getting ready to try a mix of Fox Farms Ocean Forest for autos. Do I need to add Pearlite and Vermiculite? In what ratio? 30% to FFOF Pearlite/ No Vermiculite 30% – 15% of each? Help…

@GrnyGrows you want almost 50% aeration for autos because they like it sandy. I personally use a mix of 30% coco coir, 20% perlite/pumice/vermiculite, and 50% FFOF amended with nature’s living soil or a mix of seabird guano chicken manure and veggie compost.

The nature’s living soil is easiest starting out. Just 1 lb per 5 gallons soil.

The seabird guano, chicken manure, and veggie compost isn’t as simple but you can use it at roughly the same rates as the nature’s living soil depending on if it’s finished composting or not. If it isn’t finished composting use a little more. If it is use it at about the same rates.