Feeding after a rain

It rained here, Upstate NY, 2 days in a row, was partly sunny one day and then a lighter rain last night and this morning. I was going to give Shanti (my plant) some molasses water but worried it may be too wet?

Anyone have any thoughts or measures for when to feed?

Whenever I fed my plants, if was scheduled, I did it regardless of rain. Seems to have worked out

I’m also in upstate ny. Though mine are indoors, the issue the last couple of days has been the soggy air. Hard for a plant to get any circulation going when the air is so damp. Unless the soil is bullet hard, I wouldn’t add anything until the girls are praying for rain, shade leaves outstretched. My concern in adding water to the mix now would be prolonging the dampness, perhaps encouraging mold….

Thanks for your reply​:bangbang: This is what I thought, just common sense, but there’s so many ways to mess up a plant, I’m getting paranoid!! :grimacing: