FECO recipes for edibles

Awhile back I made tincture with everclear and I just got done with evaporating the alcohol out of it, I have a nice size puddle of the oil left, looking for some recipes for gummies or other ideas and I have no clue how much I should use at a time. I appreciate your suggestions and feedback.


@jjress how potent do you want them to be? How much cannabis and alcohol did you use? What strain did you use? Do you know how potent the strain was?

I can help you estimate everything but I need a lot more information and all of my recipes are dependent on accurate dosing.

I also have an article I wrote here that might be able to help you.


@MDBuds I made it from trimmings of several plants I had harvested, I really didn’t use the flowers. I tried to infuse it into some chocolate, but I feel it is gonna be very strong. I feel I need to thin it out quite a bit by adding more chocolate. But I was having issues with the chocolate not staying melted enough to suck it up and put it in molds, I really don’t understand why that was happening. I’m gonna play around with it some more, but I kept the heat the same in the double boiler and it still became super thick and I just made a large chunk of chocolate.

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That sounds like your chocolate seized up. How different were the temps of the melted chocolate and your tincture? Next time, to fix it, add the tincture at the same temp as the chocolate or add teaspoons of boiling water at a time while stirring constantly to unsieze it.

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@jjress if you’re making chocolates it’s easier to mix the infusion and chocolate separately first.

When I make chocolates myself I first get the chocolate melted down in the double boiler and leave it be as I work with my infusion. Sometimes you will need to add some milk or oil to the chocolate if you’re having trouble with the consistency and heating especially if you’re using a lot of chocolate. The more chocolate you use in a double boiler the more likely it is you will have hot and cold spots and you also need to make sure you have enough water in the bottom so that the top doesn’t over heat and burn the chocolate which can happen. I always use the low heat setting too and just wait it out. It will all melt eventually. Just requires some patience sometimes. Also, try not to stir it as it is melting. It lets cool air in the mix and can leave you with almost a thick whipped texture if you mix it too much. Just let it melt on its own. Make sure you leave the top/lid on the chocolate too. It traps heat in and keeps it a more liquid consistency.

In a separate double boiler I will first add my carrier oil (which is doubly necessary for chocolate if you want it rich and smooth and shiny on the outside). I personally like to use coconut oil because I like the way it sets up in chocolate and it gives the chocolate a creamier texture. Once you heat your carrier oil it’s time to add the emulsifier. I personally use sunflower lecithin for this. Mix it well and let it incorporate. Once the carrier oil and emulsifier are mixed together I’ll add in my tincture at the appropriate rates for the entire recipe.

After that I’ll put my infusion mixture into my chocolate and mix it well and let it settle a few times just to make sure it’s all well incorporated before I fill molds.

The amounts vary based on how much is needed for the entire recipe and what you want your end result to be.

How much leaf trim and alcohol did you use to make your tincture/rso? I can help you find an estimated dosage amount if I have at least that information and what strains you used. Also, what was your decarb method for the trim?

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@MDBuds i used an ounce of trimmings and infused it into 2 cops of everclear using the ongrok infusing machine. I got a few made initially and everything seemed to be going good. I did have the heat on med low setting and let the chocolate melt prior to adding the FECO, I kept stirring it for a bit but I did not have a lid on top of the bowl I was using on top of the pot with the water in it. So that perhaps made a big difference, I didn’t even think about that. I also found that the chocolate chips I had purchased were not exactly what I had thought I didn’t read the package all the way, I just wanted a mint chocolate finished product and the chips I bought were not made with normal sugar, which might be fine. But it’s not what I thought is was going to be. So I’m not sure if that played into the chocolate getting stuff like it did or not. My second attempt I took 1/3 of the chocolate block I had made and added 3 normal Hershey bars to thin out the chocolate

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@jjress on my estimate that’s roughly 17 mg thc per ml of the rso (before reduction) using the high end average of 5% thc potency for trimmings with proper decarb and infusion.

Your average trim from decent plants is about 6% total cannabinoids 4-5% usually being thc. It can be a bit higher too if you had some popcorn buds in there too with the sugar leaf trim and fan leaves. Lower potency/quality trimmings are usually around 1-3% thc.

How much rso did you have total after reduction?

@MDBuds i am not really sure, I tried getting it into a syringe to measure it but it didn’t go very well. But what I do know is the chocolate is very strong. I haven’t tried again to melt it back down and put more in the molds. But I am going to try and add more chocolate to what I already have mixed up to dilute it down a bit so it’s not as strong. If I had to guess I probably had more than a tablespoon of the FECO oil. There was some small popcorn buds mixed in. I bought a decarb box with the digital thermometer you insert in the box while it’s in the oven and I baked it at about 245-250 degrees for 30 minutes.

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