Fan leaves - should I trim some?

Hi my white widow (Auto) & Granddaddy Purpo (photo) has lg. fan leaves, should I snip off.
White widow

Granddaddy purple

Thanks for your help. Happy growing


You can trim up the gdp no problem. The white widow i would only trim if you can’t get enough airflow to prevent mold with lst. Just a leaf or two here and there every other day. Happy growing. :v::call_me_hand::metal:


Thanks @MDBuds. Thought my GDP would be taller??


@Adcrag No. Gdp is really short until it flowers then it stretches to about double its size. Usually doesn’t get more than 3 feet tall. Some can get almost 5 feet but the biggest one i personally have grown was just under 4 feet.

That white widow auto definitely looks like it takes after the white widow photo. Big and bushy.


@MDBuds ok, I’m gonna just keep them watered, feed & I talk to them. Increased percent of light 80%, that really kicked up the temp 78°.



@MDBuds good afternoon, I filmed/LST GDP, but just readjusted my ties on WW.

Still watching for white hairs, right.

This is my LUX meter reading, your thought? SF2000 approx 20’ above plants.

Thanks & happy growing

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@Adcrag looking good. The SF 2000 is a decent light. Not sure what you’re asking about the lux but I’ll convert it to PPFD. With the diodes in that light that converts to roughly 800 ppfd at 20 inches if you measured at the canopy. That is more than enough for veg and will carry you through flower as well. Happy growing. :v::call_me_hand::metal:

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Usually if you multiply lux times 0.15, you come up with PAR

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