Fall/Winter Outdoor grow

Hello All, first post here.
I live in zone 10b and wondering which auto seeds are recommended for cool weather growing. I have had great success with Homegrown brand so I am hoping to get some solid recommendations. TIA


@DAVIDE my favorite HCC strain for winter grow is the Blueberry X Big Devil autoflower. It’s a tough plant and it gets beautiful colors in the cold.

Moby Dick, Jack Herrer, Maple Leaf, and White Rhino are also good cold weather strains. I’ve also had luck with white widow but it depends on the pheno you get.


MDBuds, thank you for the quick reply!!!
I think I’m gonna like it here :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum @DAVIDE Glad to have you! Great topics and wonderful pics of beautiful plants here. I sure you will enjoy!


DAVIDE - welcome. I live in vegas and have switched to only auto for winter. I added a tent on my porch to supplement as protect for the few times we do dip in temps.


I’m in the same zone, I’m currently growing White Widow auto and Gelato fem. So far so good.


@Mrb53004 I have a small greenhouse I use to protect my plants from the strong winds we get here. Also use it for starts for my vegetable garden. Will be the first year i grow in cold weather. Do you put a small heater or just let nature do her thing?


Nice! My WW got killed in those heatwaves we had.


I lost 90% of my crop this year from that heat wave. As far as heat - I just ordered a WARM MIST humidifier to keep warmth and humidity at night. I have a tent on my back porch 4x8x6.5. I have 2 lights and keep them on 100% for the autos so it keeps it warm unless we get really cold. That is why I am ordering a warm mist humidifier


Doing same thing, also using heat emitter lamp if the warm mist humidifier doesn’t increase the temperature enough for my 2nd grow.

I wound up removing the WARM MIST humidifier…to much rh and could not really control temp and rh at the same time. I just added more of the BLACK ceramic bulbs…150w and 250w. I run the 150w at lights off (I turn lights off during the day and it is warmer so temps stay higher). I have 4 heat bulbs now. 1 is a FAR RED, it helps with roots, goes off when lights off, 2 is the UVA/UVB 75w also off at dark time, the 2 black ceramics, 250w off at dark time so I get a little temp reduction. They like a cooling off period when they sleep.

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