[email protected]&King gnats in my tent

I found a fungus gnat in my grow tent this morning. No signs yet of larva, and I think he’s on his own. Either way, not feeling it. What should I do to end this before it gets any worse?


I prefer the nuclear option from the beginning. Start with a hydrogen peroxide flood. Followed by a complete dry back to the point of wilting. Then begin watering again with some sort of additive to the water to kill any survivors (neem oil works ok) and add a ton of yellow sticky traps. Also add some kind of layer to top of soil that drys quickly (sand, perlite etc) then find a good foliar spray to use.

After that get the watering correct so your soil is not as compatible for them.


I have used azamax and has worked great. HCC also makes a bug blast that I added during a seedling transplant for larvae in dirt. Good luck! Happy grow!


I am just so skeptical of Neem products for cannabis. Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome is basically poising due to the azadirachtin in the product. I have not really looked deeply (YET) into the HGCC bug blast but I resorted to creating my own…
You ever heard of a colloidal micelles? It’s like a nano particle that can clean an oil on one end, but it’s connected to a water molecule on the other end (water miscible). They are nanosized colloidal dispersions prepared from amphiphilic molecules, with a hydrophobic tail and a hydrophilic head. The hydrophobic core acts as a reservoir for hydrophobic drugs (or nutrients, enzymes) and the hydrophilic shell stabilizes the hydrophobic core. When It comes in contact with THC, it basically “scrubs” it, but leaves no residue, in fact, it removes residue. Should also kill spider mites, and prevent any type of mildew. 100% organic. Non-gmo. There’ s a trace amount of potassium bicarbonate (wine reduction agent) for ph adjustment, but less than .001% by volume. everything else is organic. The use of
pH and protease inhibitors are another big piece of the puzzle. Several PI’s, actually, and their all 100% natural, and plant based.
It’s attacking the bugs ability to digest things, inactivating their digestive enzyme capacity, starving them, inhibit their ability to make proteins. But amazingly not killing the predators. Dissolving their exoskeleton, dissolving the newborns, and eggs. It’s a multi-prong strategy that basically kills them by multiple avenues. All while cleaning the plant.
I do not know if Kyles formula does everything mine does or if it is all organic but any time thee is RESIDUE, I AM CONCERNED


Thank you for all the suggestions. I’m definitely leaning more towards a non-chemical all natural method. I might give the bug blast a try if it is all organic and vegan, which if it’s kyles vegamatrix brand it should be. I’m also considering ordering some lady bugs and seeing if maybe they can nip this in the bud before it’s an issue. I’ve been keeping an eye on it all day and haven’t seen anymore or any sign of larvae so it could be possible a handful of lady’s may be able to keep things under control.

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I use nematodes. And sticky traps.


I was under the impression that there would be no math?


There has to be something you have to remember, it will be on the test :laughing:
The math is for those who are common sense challenged


I have found that a top layer of Diatomaceous Earth tends to run the gnats off.


to a point…DE is such a pain in the a__ to work with. I think much of the success comes from the fact that you have to have a dry surface and that alone is enough to start bringing down the population. It is messy, has to be continually applied, adds tons of silica to the soil which hollows out the stems / branches, makes the leaves SHARP…There are just such better alternatives that most are moving away from DE…My homemade solution is using bio-organic methods (bacteria, nano micelle colloidal particles) that attack the bugs ability to digest things, inactivating their digestive enzyme capacity, starving them, inhibit their ability to make proteins, Dissolving their exoskeleton, dissolving the newborns, and eggs. It’s a multi-prong strategy that basically kills them by multiple avenues.
You will see many new products on the market to address this and even right here, HGC (Kyle) has initiated his own line of additives.
I am not sure about Homegrown’s line but I treat mold, insects, and residue with non-gmo organics with these solutions and the addition of vitamin c and such will also aid the soil. Mine do this while cleaning the plant at the same time


Hey guys had questions how to use the bug blaster kelp mold shield and root guardian like how to mix it and how to use it on the plants

Hi Steve, it should state on the back of those bottles if it’s a foliage spray and the measurements to use per liter. When I first used, I lowered the recommended dosage and used in soil and foliage. It works great when mixed and used in small doses. I used ph’d water and half recommended dose.

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I’ve always sprinkled cinnamon on the soil along with hanging yellow sticky traps.


Hey Jram when do I use stage 3 and 4 for my plants ??

Mid flower for 3, 4 the last month. I used bone meal with them at both stages but increased at stage 4. Hope that steers you in the correct direction! Happy Growing!

Did the truck got me. Them nematodes are some savages

Just got these in, trying on next grow.

Just to let you know…I am not ready for prime time but I do have a line of
SOIL - canna and PRO canna…live & organic
a line of amendments and additives…
I just been so stressed out with my living arrangement, I have not had time to finish my website and get this stuff up
When ready, I will post you and send some samples for documentation…good or bad


Please do! I will expect a link in the future.

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