Experience with HiGrade scope and software

I just got a new toy I’m pretty excited about. It’s a HiGrade scope and software. Pretty cool device, it clips onto your phone to cover the camera lens and convert it to a macro lens. Hold it up to your bud and take three pix in the app and their system will analyze and give growing hints, let you know when it’s time to harvest (my favorite) and after the bud is dried give you the % THC and grade the bud.

Does anyone have any experience with them and how accurate their analysis is?

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Sounds really Kool. I don’t know squat about it.

I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks and done a few queries. The response is a bit slow since I believe they are located in Israel. Their suggestions are spot on. I’m most excited about harvest timing. It seems I always go a little early and sacrifice potency. I’ll update when it’s time to harvest my current crop.

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That be really cool. I might come by and borrow it sometimes.