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Ok so I plan to have a 5x5x8 gorilla tent in a sealed 7x12 room in my detached 3 car garage with a window.
My question is , would it be better to control the temp , humidity, an possibly co2 in the room, an just have, 8”” exhaust in the tent pulling air out while drawing air from room through open tent vents . Or should I also run a intake fan into the tent to draw the rooms air. ( if I use co2 with intake a thought would be to feed co2 Into the in-line fans duct)
Regardless of which way I go if those options are good , how would I set fans settings so that I’m not sucking out all co2 if supplemented. Hope this makes sense . I know there are alot of other Variables, But maybe I can just get a better idea of which direction to go. Here are some of my grow plans if it helps answer this better.
Organic Soil grow,
Light marshydro fc 8000
3-5 6” ac infinity fans
8” ac infinity inline with filter and controller.
Actual room could utilize ac if needed . A
Also will run Dehumidifier or humidifier in room or (tent)? If needed.


@Chaseboogie welcome to the forum.

If the room is sealed well its actually better to run the ac and humidifier/dehumidifier outside of the tent because it keeps the environment more stable.

A passive intake will work fine because it will draw air in from the room anyway as it exhausts. Just as long as you exchange all of the air in the tent every 5 minutes running C02 you will see the benefit especially in a sealed room. It will build up in the entire room not just the tent. Your tent is 200 cubic feet and the 8 inch ac infinity exhaust fan is 807 cfm on high so even running it on low you’ll be just fine with the one exhaust fan.

When you use C02 you are supplementing the whole room not just the tent. Negative pressure or positive pressure aside it will escape into the room regardless which is one reason I tell people not to use c02 unless the have a sealed environment because they’ll just be wasting their money.

As far as fan set up that depends on what else you have in the tent. In a 5x5x8 though I would run at least one oscillating fan under the canopy and at least one above the canopy and let the exhaust fan do the rest. If you have 3-5 fans I’d run 2 at the bottom of the canopy and 2 above it with 1 set on low in the bottom of the tent by the intake.

The FC 8000 is a great light for that set up too. It puts out ppfd high enough to actually utilize c02 and you can mount the driver out of the tent to help even out the heat and have easier access to it without having to open the tent.

What is your source of C02?

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Thanks you very much for all the info!!! I was gonna use a co2 tank. An was thinking of controlling and monitoring everything with a trolmaster…( co2, light intensity, humidity, temp…) when u say 1 fan by the intake u mean just by the tents open vent correct?

@Chaseboogie yeah by the tents open vent. You’re welcome.

Also, quick tip with that controller. When the lights go out have it shut off the fans and c02 too.

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@Chaseboogie Interesting setup… im tuned in. What kind of seeds you going to pop? Where did you source your co2 bottle? If you don’t mind me asking

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The seeds are from Beleaf cannabis, truffle treats. An for sourcing co2 bottles I’m a union ironworker an weld occasionally, so I have access to the big bottles I can “borrow “ from the job.